Succession Planning for Family Business

The Cost of Creating Your Succession Plan is ALWAYS Less than the cost of Not Planning.

We Specialize in Helping You Create a Succession Plan for Your Business.

Many family business owners do not know where to start when it comes to creating a succession plan for their business.

This is understandable since most family business owners only go through the succession planning process once in their lifetime.

Less Than 30% of Family Owned Businesses are Able to Transition Their Business to the Second Generation.

Don't Let Your Family and Your Family Business Become a Statistic.

Start Planning for the Succession of Your Business Today.

A formalized succession plan is one of the greatest gifts that you can give your family.  It's also one of the smartest investments that you can make in your future.

The First, and most important thing we do is ensure that your family business has a formal business succession plan in place.

Nothing destroys a family business and a family more than not having a business succession plan.

We won't let you make that mistake.

The Two Key Components of Family Business Succession Planning:


Ownership Succession

How will the ownership of the shares and assets of the company be transferred, valued and paid for?
How will ownership be divided or split if there are multiple family members and stakeholders?
We take you through our Succession System so you can answer these important questions.


Leadership Succession

How will the leadership of the company be transferred from the Founder(s) to the next generation?
How do you know which family member is fit to lead and be the next President or CEO?
We take the guess work out and evaluate the candidates that are best suited to lead the company.

Like You, We are passionate About Family Business.

We are passionate about helping families in business together because we have personal experience working in a family business and intimately know the challenges that you face.
We understand the advantages of family business and we have used those advantages to build successful companies.   We have also lived through and overcome the challenges and frustrations of working with family members. 
This personal experience and success makes us uniquely positioned as specialists at navigating the relational complexities in your business.  We help you maximize the success of both your business and your family.
If you are facing problems, stress or conflict in your family business today, please contact us so we can help you build a thriving business and a healthy and happy family.

"He who fails to plan is planning to fail."

Winston Churchill

We Help Families Overcome the Challenges of Being in Business Together so They can Enjoy a Thriving Business and a Healthy and Happy Family.

We are Business Consultants and Business Management Consultants in Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Grande prairie, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Alberta.  If you need consulting, business consulting or business management consulting contact us.  We improve your business with our managements and business consulting services in Alberta for small business owners.

A Business can be Replaced.  A Family Can't.  Plan Today.

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