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'I Didn't Think Being in Business with My Family Would be so Hard.'

"Chris helped our family business. We were struggling with individual roles and responsibilities as our adult children joined back into our family business. Everyone came with their ideas and hard work ethic but we were having a hard time communicating. We needed the prospective, guidance and structure that Chris brought to our group.


It was hard work with some difficulty days but the results have put us on the right track to greater success and understanding.

Thank you Chris!"

Sharon Wolfe


Peace River Honey Group of Companies

The fact is, being in business with your family members is hard.

We help families successfully navigate and overcome the common challenges that arise when family and business are mixed together.

We can help your family and your family business be successful.

Here's How:

We believe that there is "Safety in Structure" so ideally we like to create structure before any conflict begins.  But it's never too late to add structure to your Family and Business Relationships.

Board Governance

Formal policies and procedures to follow so everyone plays by the same rules.

Organizational Structure

We define everyone's position, responsibilities and accountabilities. No more guessing who does what.

Family Constitution

This is a 'social contract' that sets the ground rules on how your business and your family will co-exist and thrive.

conflict in family business

The Biggest Risk for a Family Business is not a Weak Economy or Flagging Revenues & Profits.

It's Family Conflict.

If conflict is already occurring between family members we can help.

We understand the intensity of emotions when family relationships and business roles collide.


Sometimes all that is needed is some good old fashioned honest & respectful conversations.


As a neutral third party, we help you identify your common ground to achieve common objectives & goals.


We resolve conflicts with strategic negotiation to create win-win outcomes for all.

To set your mind at ease, conflict in family-owned business happens. 


More than most of us would like to admit.

But living with regular conflict isn't healthy.


  And it's not helpful for the stability of your family or the success of your family business.

A Business can be Replaced.  A Family Can't.  

Take action today and protect your family and your business from harmful conflict.

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