family business coaching and consulting

Family Business Advising, Consulting and Coaching

We Help Get Your Family and Your Family Business Running Smoothly.


Create and Maintain Balance, Peace and Unity in Your Family.


Harness the Power and Positive Strength of Your Family Business.


Make Sure Your Hard Work is Generating the Profits You Deserve. 

Get Help for Your Family Business.

As the leading Family Business Consulting Firm, we have decades of experience working with business families like yours.  We help business families in many capacities including, Family Business Management, Family Business Succession Planning, Family Business Coaching & Consulting, Family Business Conflict Resolution and Family Business Advising. 

What Family Business Owners are Saying:

I am very satisfied with the consultation and guidance services provided by Chris. Family businesses are never easy, and ours definitely  needed an intervention. Chris was able to coach us as a team and work with us individually.  He helped us work through our differences and character styles. The end result is that we now have a strong family business.  It's properly structured where everyone understands their roles.


I would definitely hire Chris again.

Gilbert Wolfe


Is Your Family Business Struggling With...


Family relationships are confrontational and critical?


Lines of communication are broken or disrupted?


Worried that your business won't succeed?

No Plan

Not sure what you are working towards or no common goals?

Lack of Structure

Nor sure who does what or how to get things done efficiently?


Not sure who is in control and where the business is headed?

family business coaching and consulting calgary

We Understand the Challenges You're Facing.

It's a Fact, A Family Business Faces More Challenges than a Non-Family Owned Business. 

As experienced Family Business Advisors, we can help your family overcome the challenges that you are facing.

Family Business Succession Planning

Create a Plan for the Future that Benefits Everyone.

Family Business Management

Manage Your Family Business to Effectively and Efficiently.

Family Business Conflict Resolution

Improve Communication and Restore Family Relationships. 

family business succession planning

"Finally Someone Who Understands Our Family Business and Can Help Us."

Family Business Coaching, Consulting and Advisory

We are specialists at helping business families navigate the many challenges that occur when family and business are joined together in a family-owned business.

Our approach is two-fold.

1.  First, we ensure the financial viability of the business.

2.  Second, we protect the family unit.

family business coach

We Help Family Businesses Achieve Harmony, Profitability and Success.

Solutions for Family-Owned Business

On the one hand, your business enjoys many advantages because it's built on the strength of your family.  You love each other and work hard together.

On the other hand, your family business is a complicated web of different personalities, skill sets, behaviours and relational history.

These common dynamics naturally lead to challenges.  We understand.  And we can help.

Personal Coaching Plans

Enhance Your Skills & Impact with a Customized Coaching Plan.

Communication Plans

Learn How to Create Positive and Regular Communication in Your Family Business.

Organizational Plans

Create Internal Structure that Allows Everyone to be Successful. 

Operational Plans

Fine-tune Your Operations and Systems to Drive Better Efficiency and Profitability. 

family business succession planning

We Get Your Family Rowing in the Same Direction.

Common Goals.    Common Vision.     Common Plan.

Family Business Advising

We take our position as Family Business Advisors seriously.

We understand what is at stake for your business and for your family.

When you choose to work with us, you are adding a highly skilled and committed team member to your family and to your family business.

You need someone who you can trust, someone, that can provide solutions, and can help your family and your business be successful.

That is precisely what you can expect from us.

family business coaching calgary

"Working Together Has Never Felt This Good."

What Makes Us Unique?

Family Business Clients Choose to Work With Us Because:

1. We've Been There - We have led and owned family businesses so we bring considerable personal experience to your situation.

2. We Have a Process That Works - We have developed a process that consistently helps family businesses overcome their challenges.

3. We're Independent - We are only concerned with your success and strictly avoid conflict of interest or partiality.

4. We Speak Your Language - Yes, we are experts in the field but we focus on building trust with you, being approachable and creating a safe environment that fosters communication and openness.

5. We Deliver Results - No matter what your unique challenges may be, we take the time to accurately assess your situation so we can develop the solutions that you need.

3 Things Every Family Business Needs:

1. Communication

Open, Honest, Respectful and Regular Communication is a Must.

2. Clarity

Everyone's Position, Responsibilities and a Plan for the Future Must be Clear.

3. Certainty

Improve Communication and Restore Family Relationships. 

family business transition planning

How to Get Started

1. Fill Out a Contact Card


Reach out to request a free call to talk about the challenges you're facing.

2. We'll Schedule a Call


We'll reply to your inquiry in one business day to set up a call.

3. Free Discovery Call


Together we'll discuss your business, your needs and next steps.

Put Our Family Business Coaching and Consulting Services to Work for You.

Less Stress

Take the Weight Off Your Shoulders.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy Your Business and Your Family Again

Make More Money

Happy Families are More Productive and Successful.

Family Business Strategic Assessment

Family Business Strategic Assessment

Our process starts with a Family Business Strategic Assessment.

We spend time with you to learn about the challenges your family business is facing, your opportunities for growth and what you would like to accomplish in the future.

This strategic assessment allows our team to get to know you and your family business better.

It also helps your understand yourself, your family and your business better so that you can take on a leadership role in developing a step-by-step strategic plan with us for your business.

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