family business management services

Family Business Management

When the Kitchen Table Becomes the Boardroom Table.

Family Business Management

Managing a Family-Run Business is Not the Same as Managing a Non-Family Business.

Sure, there are common business management principles that are used in family business and non-family run business.

But the difference lies in how business management principles can be applied and implemented in a family-run business.

For instance, in a non-family business, human resources and hiring is straight forward.  The most qualified person gets the job or the promotion.

But in a family business, human resources is anything but straight forward.  Does the oldest get the business, or the promotion?  Who gets to be the next majority owner or the next CEO?

What effect will these types of business decisions have on your family?

Managing a family business is unique.  And we can help you manage effectively.

We Understand the Challenges of Managing a Family Business.

Our Family Business Management Services are based on sound business management principles.

But we combine these principles with best-practices and strategies that work well in a family-owned business.

We have specialized services just for family-owned businesses.

Family Business Management Services Include:

family business stategic planning

Strategic Planning

Create a plan to make your family business better & stronger.

operations management family business

Optimize Operations

Strengthen your family business by streamlining your operation.

financial management family business

Financial Management

Manage your business finances so you become more profitable.

Family Business People Services:

family business human resources

Human Resources

Navigate the complexity of birth order, natural strengths and education.

family business conflict resolution

Performance Reviews

Let us handle the difficult task of evaluating family employee performance.

family business governance

Advisory Boards 

Rather than hire full-time staff, we provide expert advice in a board capacity.

Family Business Governance:

family business govenance

Family Constitution

Family Business needs an additional level of structure to keep family & business identities separate.

family business communication strategies

Family Communication

Communicating can be hard at the best of times. We help you develop positive & constructive communication habits.

family business governance

Family Governance

Many problems stem from a lack of structure. We help you create structure.

family business consulting calgary

Empowering You and Your Family Business

Family Business Dynamics:

family busines conflict resolution

Family Relationships

Building healthy relationships, trust and team culture.

family business conflict resolution

Managing Differences

Differences don't need to divide. We help you find middle ground.

family business advisor calgary

Create Boundaries

Learn to separate business from family life and relationships.

family business management

Helping You Manage Your Family Business Successfully

Becoming a Great Family Business Starts with Becoming a Great Manager.

And unlike great leaders, great managers are most often raised by other great managers.

Take the first step to becoming a great family business manager by contacting us to discuss how you would like to become better.

We are always excited to speak with business owners that are motivated to get better.

If that sounds like you, we may be a great match to help you get there.

family businss ownership succession planning

Ownership Succession Planning

We specialize in crafting family business succession plans that protect family relationships & promote business success.

family owned business succession planning

Executive Coaching

Enhance your skills and increase your impact with executive coaching programs designed for owners and senior managers.

family business succession and transition planning

Next Gen Leadership Training

We help you identify, prepare and promote the next leader to ensure that your business & your legacy will continue.

Planning for the Future:

family business transition planning

Continuity Planning

The unexpected and can happen. Don't let it ruin your family business.

succession planning for family busines

Generational Transition Planning

Sell planned transition plans make for seamless transitions.

succession planning fo famiy business

Exit Strategies

Timelines, financial structuring, identifying successors and buyers.

succession planning for family business

We Help You Plan for the Future of Your Family Business