family business succession planning

Helping Families Prosper Together.

We Help Family Businesses Achieve Harmony, Profitability and Success.

"Our family and our business was in serious trouble.  Out of desperation we contacted Chris and hired Alberta Business Builders to help us.  They led the financial turnaround of our business and the ownership succession of our business to our son.  We don't know where our family or our business would be today if we did not hire Alberta Business Builders."
Connie Z.
North Star Sports Inc.
family business succession planning

It's a Fact, A Family Business Faces More Challenges than a Non-Family Owned Business.    

We Know That.  And We Can Help You Meet the Challenges that Your Family and Your Business Are Facing.

Family Business Consulting and Advisory

We are specialists at helping business families navigate the many challenges that occur when family and business are joined together in a family-owned business.

Our approach is two-fold.

First, we seek to protect the family unit.

Second, we strive to ensure the financial viability of the business.

family business succession planning

Family Business Alignment.

Common Goals.    Common Vision.     Common Plan.

Ensuring that both are done well is more art than science, and only comes with significant levels of experience.  Experience that we have, and are happy to share with you and your business family.


We can help you and your family business by providing solutions to your biggest challenges.  

We offer solutions like:

Ownership Succession Planning

We specialize in crafting family business succession plans that protect family relationships & promote business success.

Leadership  Transition Planning

We help you identify, prepare and promote the next leader to ensure that your business & your legacy will continue.

Family Communication

Communicating can be hard at the best of times. We help you develop positive & constructive communication habits.

Family Constitution

Family Business needs an additional level of structure and governance to keep family & business identities separate.

Family Relationships

We understand the complexities of family dynamics in a family business and help you successfully navigate your differences.

Family Governance

Many of the problems that family businesses face stem from a lack of structure. We help you create structure.

Advisory Boards 

Executive Coaching

Financial Management

Studies show that family businesses that use third party Advisory Board Services are more successful than those that don't seek support.

We help train your successor with coaching and mentoring that will prepare them for future ownership responsibility.

We help you manage your business finances and resources so you become more profitable.

Strategic Planning

We support you by creating a strategic plan that will help you reach goals and achieve greater success.

Operations Optimization

Human Resources

We help you solve the human resource challenges within your family and within your business so your business thrives.

Even small improvements in your business processes can translate into significant cost savings and increased profit levels.

calgary family business succession planning

We Understand the Challenges You're Facing.

On the one hand, your business enjoys many advantages because it's built on the strength of your family.  You love each other and work hard together.

On the other hand, your family business is a complicated web of different personalities, skill sets, behaviours and relational history.

These common dynamics naturally lead to challenges.  We understand.  And we can help.

We provide our family business consulting services throughout Alberta including Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Grande Prairie, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat and other outlying and surrounding areas.

family business succession plannin alberta

We take our position as Alberta's family business specialists seriously.

We understand what is at stake for your business and for your family.

Take the first step to making your family business better by contacting us today.

What Makes Us Unique?

Family Business Clients Choose to Work With Us Because:

1. We've Been There - We have led and owned family businesses so we bring considerable personal experience to your situation.

2. We Have a Process That Works - We have developed a process that consistently helps family businesses overcome their challenges.

3. We're Independent - We are only concerned with your success and strictly avoid conflict of interest or partiality.

4. We Speak Your Language - Yes, we are experts in the field but we focus on building trust with you, being approachable and creating a safe environment that fosters communication and openness.

5. We Deliver Results - No matter what your unique challenges may be, we take the time to accurately assess your situation so we can develop the solutions that you need.

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