family business succession planning

Family Business Succession Planning

Family Business Succession Plans:

family business succession planning

Preserve Your Wealth

Succession Plans and Exit Strategies that Protect Your Wealth.

family business succession planning

Secure Your Future

Create a Secure and Predictable Future for You and Your Loved Ones.

family business succession planning

Protect Your Business 

Guarantee the Long-Term Success and Viability of your Business for Future Generations.

family business succession planning

Safeguard Your Family 

Succession and Transition Plans that Protect Your Family Unity.

What Our Family Business Customers Are Saying:

family business succession planning
Our family and our business was in serious trouble.  Out of desperation we contacted Chris and hired Alberta Business Builders to help us.  They led the financial turnaround of our business and the ownership succession of our business to our son.  We don't know where our family or our business would be today if we did not hire Alberta Business Builders.
Connie Z.
North Star Sports Inc.
family business transition planning

We Specialize in Helping Multi-Generation Family Businesses Create a Succession Plan or Transition Plan to Ensure the Health and Vitality of Your Business and Your Family.

Family Owned Business Succession and Transition Planning

"I Know I Need a Succession Plan for My Family Business, But Where Do I Start?"

Many family business owners do not know where to start when it comes to creating a succession plan for their business.

This is understandable since most family business owners only go through the succession planning process once in their lifetime.

We are Succession Planning and Transition Planning Consultants. It's our specialty.

You don't need to be experts at it, because we are.

Engineering a successful transition of the family business to the next generation is a critical challenge for the family business.


This challenge can be significantly eased and the outcome improved with the right wisdom and advising.

 In family-owned enterprises there often are not clear plans to hand power to the next generation.


And a lack of planning and clarity leads to conflict and divisions, which can delay or derail succession plans.

Just fearing conflict can keep stakeholders from making important and timely decisions.

family business transition planning

Less Than 30% of Family Owned Businesses are Able to Transition Their Business to the Second Generation...

Don't Let Your Family and Your Family Business Become a Statistic.

And Less Than 15% are Able to Successfully Transition to the Third Generation.

How We Help:

succession plannig stategies family business

Information & Options

We show you whats worked for others and customize it for you.

succession planning family busiess

Create Alignment

Establish common ground, shared benefits and build momentum.

succession planning for famly business

Balance Differences

Manage expectations, create fair and equitable solutions.

Family Business Succession Planning

In our experience supporting family-owned businesses, succession planning, or the lack of succession planning is one of the key factors that cause a business family to breakdown.

In fact, the failure to create a succession plan for your family business may be the major contributing factor to the challenges that your business family is facing.

Why Family Business Succession Plans are So Important

Family Business Succession Plans are important because a well designed succession plan meets the needs of the business, the individual family members, and the family-at-large.

When the needs of the business, family members, or the family go ignored or unmet, problems within the family business will soon arise.

And these problems won't just go away.

The Do's and Don'ts of Succession Planning



family owned business succession plan


You have to talk about Succession Plans, even if, and when it's difficult.

family-owed busiess succession plan

Start Today

It's never to late to start.  Don't ignore or postpone getting the process started.

family owned business succesion planning


A Succession Plan is only a plan when it is written and signed.

family business transition planning

Ignore It

The need for Succession Planning never goes away until it is addressed.

family business transition plan


Often, the longer you wait, the more difficult Succession Planning becomes.

family businss transition planning

Neglect to Formalize

A Succession Plan without a contract is just a conversation.

family Business Succesion Planning Consultants

As Your Family Business Succession Planning Consultant, We're With You Every Step of the Way.

Family Business Succession Plans

What We Do:

All family-owned businesses have things in common.  Like finding it hard to talk about the big things, or separating work life from family life.

We know how to solve these common themes that occur in a family business.

At the same time, all family-owned businesses are unique.  Each family consists of different, personalities, history and set of challenges.

We know how to meet the unique needs of your family business.

farm succession planning

Act as your Guide

We lead you through our process .

family farm succession planning

Get Everyone Talking

We help you find answers.

family business succesion

Create a Customized Plan

We build a plan that is right for you.

family business transition planning

Wouldn't it be Nice to Enjoy Family Dinner Again?

We Help You Get Your Succession Planning on Track by Making Sure that Two Key Questions are Answered.

1. Who will Buy the Business.

  2. Who will Lead the Business.

Ownership Succession Planning

family run business succession plan
How will the ownership of the shares and assets of the company be transferred, valued and paid for?
How will ownership be divided or split if there are multiple family members and stakeholders?
We take you through our Succession Solutions System so you can answer these important questions.
family run business succession planning

Leadership Transition Planning

How will the leadership of the company be transferred from the Founder(s) to the next generation?
How do you know which family member is fit to lead and be the next President or CEO?
We take the guess work out and evaluate the candidates that are best suited to lead the company.
farm succession planning

Is There Anything More Valuable Than Family?

Like You, We are passionate About Family Business.

We are passionate about helping families in business together because we have personal experience working in a family business and intimately know the challenges that you face.
We understand the advantages of family business and we have used those advantages to build successful companies.   We have also lived through and overcome the challenges and frustrations of working with family members. 
This personal experience and success makes us uniquely positioned as specialists at navigating the relational complexities in your business.  We help you maximize the success of both your business and your family.
If you are facing problems, stress or conflict in your family business today, please contact us so we can help you build a thriving business and a healthy and happy family.

We take great pride in the fact that we are able to help business families and family businesses succeed.

We work hard to earn your trust by being responsive and compassionate to your needs.  We are fiercely committed to protecting the harmony in your family and preserving the legacy of your family business that you have worked so hard to build.

Start Planning for the Succession of Your Family Business Today.

All you need to do to get started is to fill out the contact card and we'll do the rest!

family business succession planning

1. Fill Out a Contact Card


Reach out to request a free call to talk about the challenges you're facing.

family business succession planning

2. We'll Schedule a Call


We'll reply to your inquiry in one business day to set up a call.

family business succession planning

3. Free Discovery Call


Together we'll discuss your business, your needs and next steps.

A formalized succession plan is one of the greatest gifts that you can give your family.  It's also one of the smartest investments that you can make in your business.

family business transition planning

We Help Families Overcome the Challenges of Being in Business Together so They can Enjoy a Thriving Business and a Healthy and Happy Family.

A Business can be Replaced.  A Family Can't.  Plan Today.

Family Business Succession Planning Checklist

Not sure where to get started with your family business succession planning?

Check out our Free guide to get you started.  Download the eGuide.

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