Cathy Hall
Office Manager
Specializing in:
- Customer Care and Project Co-ordination
- Accounting, Bookkeeping, Executive Administration
- Office Management
- Microsoft Office, Publisher, Corel Draw, QuickBooks, Sage 50,

After obtaining a diploma in Business Administration, Cathy began her career in office management learning the in's and out's of business operations from the ground up, earning her way to a CEO level Executive Assistant.  Cathy has nearly 30 years of business administration experience in office management, executive administration, accounting, human resources and corporate organization.  Cathy is a people person and co-ordinates our customer care efforts along with managing all internal administrative activity.  Cathy is highly proficient with the suite of Microsoft Office products, Sage, Quickbooks, Corel Draw and other software programs.  In addition to her strong inter-personal and organizational skills, Cathy is a gifted creator and graphic designer developing corporate branding and marketing strategies.


Cathy is committed to her community and donates much of her time and talents to many worthwhile causes and not-for-profit organizations in central Alberta.  She has served on as a volunteer on various boards and has planned numerous large fund-raising events in central Alberta.  Cathy enjoys cooking, golfing and walking the wonderful trails wherever they are found.

Let Us Be Your Guide.

                            You Have a Destination.  We'll Help You Get There.

Like all entrepreneurs and business owners you started your business with a dream.  Part of that dream was likely to become financially independent, have control over your life and have the freedom to enjoy a meaningful life with the people you care about the most.

At some point, things got off course.  Business ownership presented more questions than answers and more problems than solutions.  Feelings of hope and optimism were overtaken by stress and anxiety as the pressure of business ownership began to set in.  You slowly found yourself losing control of parts of your business.  Ownership has now become an anchor that is weighing you down mentally, emotionally and physically.

Maybe you need a guide.  Not someone to drive the bus, you're the driver. But rather, someone who can assist you on your journey.  Someone who has helped other business owners reach their dreams and achieve success. 


That is who and what we are.  We are your guide and your resource.  We replace the unknown with proven business strategies that will help you, your people, and your business grow and succeed.  We lift you up and give you everything that you need to get you where you want to go.  Best of all, you can leave all of the negative thoughts and emotions behind and become confident knowing that your business and your life is a resounding success.

We give you Solutions to Succeed





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