4 D's of Time Management

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Use the 4 D Method to Improve Your Time Management

Time Management

Here is a quick review of the 4 D Principle of Time Management:

1. Do

If there is a task that is important, make it a priority and get it done.

2. Defer

If a task is not critical, and there are no negative consequences to be expected by not completing it, then defer the task for a time.

(Just remember that deferred tasks add up. Just because they are deferred does not mean that they disappear)

3. Delegate

Spend your time doing what you are the best at and what brings the most value to your business. If you can delegate a task to a competent employee then assign it and invest your time on more critical items.

4. Delete

One of the biggest obstacles to good time management is completing tasks that have no priority or value. So each day, be conscious of these time-wasters and delete them from your daily activity.


Life is complicated enough. Use this simple 4 D Principle to become a better manager of your time.

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