5 Time Management Tips That May Change Your Life.

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Time Management

If You are Interested in Getting More Done in Less Time, Here are 5 Time Management Tips to Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder.

1. Prioritize Your Tasks

I know, this sounds pretty basic and it is. But it isn't, because many of us are not doing it.

We often choose to complete the non-critical tasks before the critical tasks.

How often have you found yourself surfing social media or planning a holiday when you had an important call to return, a tender to complete or an employee issue to resolve.

You need to make a list of your most important tasks that you need to complete each day and treat completing that list as the most important thing that you can achieve at work today.

2. Keep Mornings for Your Most Important Tasks.

For most small business owners, a day has a tendency to get away on us. We get an unexpected call or email and the rest of the day may be spent dealing with that.

So it is important, that you spend the first part of each morning dealing with the 3 most important tasks that you have. This way, if your time and attention pulls you away, you can have some peace of mind knowing that you got the important stuff done.

3. Be Proactive and Eliminate Distractions

Sure the unexpected can happen, but often we get pulled away from what we should be doing because we have allowed the distraction to occur.

To minimize distractions when you are focused on getting your 3 most important tasks done, take action to protect your time and focus like:

- ask your receptionist to take a message unless it is a 9-1-1 level priority

- put your phone on silent

- shut your office door

- turn the email notification bell off on your computer

You get the idea. You have to protect your time because no one else will.

4. Group Similar Tasks Together

We know that we have different parts of our brain that perform different types of thought and activity. Likewise, we know that certain tasks require the same type of brain power as other tasks.

So group similar tasks together.

For instance, if you need to crank out three estimates before you go home, why not block some time to do the estimates since they will require the same type of brain activity and focus.

If you need to take a break between them to go for a walk or grab a coffee do that. But just long enough to refresh yourself because you want to stay in the zone.

5. Forget Multi-tasking

For 95% of the population, multi-tasking is not productive. We simply cannot do it well. But many of us take pride in our multi-tasking abilities.

Rather than do a couple things at once and divide your attention and the quality of your work, select one item to complete and assign a set amount of time to complete it.

You will get more done using this method than by multi-tasking.


The time that you have is a valuable and limited resource. So even small improvements can save you time and lower your stress level. Implement at least one of these tips today.

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