5 Tips to Help You Find the Right Employee

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Human Resources

Finding the right employee is a challenge for most small business owners.

In fact, many studies indicate that finding the right people to staff their business is consistently a Top 3 issue for business owners.

So knowing that many of you may be facing this same challenge today, I thought I could provide a few tips on how to find the right person for your business.

Here we go:

1. Clearly Articulate WHY They Should Work With You.

As a business owner that is motivated or even desperate to fill a position, we are often focused on our needs and what our business needs. The problem is that employees don't care much about your needs. They care about their own needs.

So you from the start, you need to sell yourself, your business and the opportunity to the job seeker.

This means that your job advertisement has to focus first on what the job seeker will get. They have to know what is in it for them. This is important. So before your place and advertisement or start asking around, make sure your communication clearly explains how the job seeker will benefit from applying.

2. Use Your Personal Network

Before you wade into the deep waters of placing your job posting with Indeed or another large online platform, start by putting your personal network to use.

Since people know you, they want to help you. And they will gladly refer someone to you in an effort to solve your problem. Many of us can relate to what it's like to have to hire someone, and the challenges that it can bring, so getting people on board to help you in your quest is relatively easy.

And can be quite productive.

3. Use Your Employees Personal Network

Chances are, that your employees, especially your senior management or long-term employees like working with you so they will be happy to participate in the process.

Your existing employees don't want you to hire someone that isn't qualified or doesn't fit the company culture. If you do, that means that they will have to work with that unqualified or unfit person. So an employee is motivated, for their own self-interest to help.

So ask your employees to post the job opening on their personal social media platforms.

4. Steal Them

I don't mean that literally. I mean look around with companies that you already do business with and you may see someone that has been right under your nose all this time that could fill your position.

Here's a quick example:

Years ago I needed an Office Manager / Bookkeeper. And of course, I was having a tough time filling the position using the standard job advertising methods. So I looked around at businesses that I had dealings with and realized that the lady that handled my account with the accounting firm that I used seemed like a good fit.

Long story short. She was. I hired her and she was one of the best hires that I ever made and we became very good friends too. Of course, I changed accounting firms after that but it was so worth it.

5. Internships

This tip only applies to entry level or more junior positions but it can be an effective way to find good people. It can also be an affordable method as some governments offer subsidies to employers that hire interns, students or apprentices.

This method provides you with a low-cost and low-risk method to test drive an employee to see if they will be a good fit for you and have the potential to grow with your business.

I know finding the right people for your business is hard. I've been there. But I hope that one or more of these tips will help you find the person that you are looking for.

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